How To Treat Teen Acne
Get rid of Acne

How To Treat Teen Acne

Virtually all teens experience acne breakouts as they go through the puberty developmental process. Indeed, it is estimated that a whooping 85% of these youths suffer from this skin condition. The specific causes of it are, for the most part, largely unknown. Only, most experts in this matter are convinced that it is triggered by the oily skin substance sebum clogging the pores. Acne isn’t a serious health condition, but it can cause permanent skin scarring, and can also take a heavy toll on self esteem. Let us now take a closer look at some of the factors, which are believed to trigger the breakout of this skin condition and how to treat teen acne in an effective manner.

Factors that cause teen acne

How To Treat Teen Acne -cause

1.The fluctuation of hormones during puberty is said to cause teen acne. The levels of the male hormones androgens, significantly increase in both boys and girls during puberty. This makes the skin oil glands to enlarge and produce much more sebum.

2. Genetics has also been linked to teen acne outbreaks. If your parents suffered from this condition, you can also be more prone to catch it in your turn.

3. The diet you eat can trigger teen acne, especially if it is made up of high glycemic index (GI) foods and sugar-rich foods.

4. Finally, the cosmetics you use can clog your skin pores, leading to inflammation and acne outbreaks.

How To Treat Teen Acne by Yourself

When it comes to how to treat teen acne, there are several options which are laid out for you.

I. To begin with, you can wash your face on a regular basis. This will do away with excessive oil and dirt from your face, which will prevent your pore from getting clogged and inflamed. Only make use of oil-free facial cleansers and wash your face at least two times each day. Avoid using a lot of makeup during acne breakouts as it can clog your pores and promote zit formation. Lipstick and eye shadow are permissible, but avoid applying heavy foundation, blush or even face powder to affected areas of your face. More to the point, only settle for water-based cosmetic products as opposed to the oil-based varieties.

II. You can exfoliate your facial skin every now and then. This will eliminate the layer of dead skin cells from your face and unclog your pores. Only exfoliate not more than three times a week to prevent skin irritation.

III. There are herbal remedies you could give a try. Tea tree oil extract, azelaic acid cream, lemon juice extract, raw papaya fruit, aloe vera, liconce root extract and green tea extract are excellent plant-based remedies for teen acne.

IV. You will need to watch your diet and keep hydrated at all times. For the skin to be in optimal condition, it requires access to essential nutrients and plenty of water. Consume foods which are rich in vitamin C and omega 3 fatty acids, and avoid junk food and refined sugars. Instead eat whole grains, nuts, beans, fresh fruits and vegetables.

V. You can try out over-the-counter topical acne treatment. This includes salicylic acid, sulfur and benzoyl peroxide. These medications are made available in a wide variety of forms like lotions, gels, creams and even soaps. Finally, another option of how to treat teen acne if the breakouts persist is to consult a dermatologist. He or she will be able to prescribe excellent medication such as antibiotics that can stop the growth of bacteria and prevent inflammation of your skin pores.

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