How To Remove Acne On Oily Face Skin
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How To Remove Acne On Oily Face Skin

Oily skin and acne very often come hand in hand. In fact this skin condition isn’t normally an issue with small children as their skin oil glands are yet to be activated. As such, there is a strong link between oily skin and a predisposition to acne breakouts. Essentially, acne usually develops when an oily substance known as sebum, which is produced by the sebaceous glands intermingles with dead skin cells and dirt. This in turn, goes on to clog the skin pores and creates a favorable environment for the acne-causing bacteria to thrive. Which means that individuals with oily facial skin are more likely to experience acne outbreaks than those with dry ones.

Acne removal in oily face skin

The first thing you need to do when it comes to how to remove acne on oily face skin is to attempt to minimize oil on the skin.

1. To this end, you can make a homemade facial scrub. You can do this by adding two teaspoons of dry ground oats with sufficient witch hazel to make a thickened paste. Next, massage this paste onto your face then immediately rinse it off with warm water. You can also utilize a mixture of one tablespoon of powdered skin milk with one tablespoon of honey and at least three drops of apple cider vinegar. Afterwards apply and gently rub this paste on your face for two minutes, then thoroughly mix it with warm water.

2. To effectively tone down the oil that your sebaceous glands produce, you can make use of an appropriate natural astringent. This will enable you to deep cleanse the skin found on your skin. The tannins which are present in witch hazel are especially excellent natural astringents. As for how to remove acne on oily face skin, you can do the following. First and foremost, thoroughly wash your face and then dry it. You should then steep a ball of cotton wool in witch hazel and then apply it on your face. Do this two times on a daily basis for not more than three weeks. Afterwards, you can do it once each day for maintenance purposes.

3. Alternatively, you can utilize herbal remedies such as peppermint, yarrow or even sage. All of which come with excellent astringent attributes. Mix the herb of your choice with a cup of boiling water. Permit the mixture to steep for not more than thirty minutes, then strain it. Next, apply this liquid solution to your face with a ball of cotton wool.

4. Finally, you can opt to make an oil fighting mask to deal with acne outbreaks on your oily skin. By applying such a mask on your face at least once a week, it can significantly assist in absorbing excessive oil and clear up any existing acne outbreaks. Should you be wondering on how to remove acne on oily face skin in this manner, do the following.

  • Make a clay mask by adding one tablespoon of cosmetic clay with a tablespoon of witch hazel. Add several drops of lemon essential oil for a pleasant scent. Next, spread this mask on your oily face and leave it for ten minutes before rinsing it with warm water.
  • On the other hand, an egg white mask is also in a position of reducing excess oil on your face. Mix a single egg white with a tablespoon of honey, before adding a pinch of flour and stirring to make a paste. Apply it on your face and wait for ten minutes, prior to rinsing it off with warm water.

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