How To Get rid of Pimple Redness
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How To Get rid of Pimple Redness

We all have to deal with pimples every now and then, most of which are in a position of triggering redness and irritation. The redness, in particular, happens to be one of the body’s inflammatory response. As such, it usually occurs to assist our skin tissue to rejuvenate, and it is therefore a critical part of the body’s healing process. Despite of this fact, it can be very troublesome when this sort of inflammation is spread all over the face for everyone and sundry to gaze at. To this end, the following are some tips on how to get rid of pimple redness in a stress-free manner.

4 Tips on How to remove pimple redness

1. Try cool temperatures

ice-cubeCool temperatures are highly noted for been able to slow down blood circulation. This in turn greatly minimizes swelling and redness of pimples. Wrap several ice cubes with a thin, sanitized cloth, and apply it straight to the affected area. Always make sure that you don’t exert too much pressure on the skin. Doing this can make the pimples to burst, which will cause more redness and the spreading of the pimple bacteria.

2. Try aspirin face mask

How To Get Rid Of Pimple Redness - Aspirin face maskYou can also make an aspirin face mask. Aspirin has salicylic acid as one of its ingredients. Salicylic acid is also one of the active ingredients in facial scrubs and topical medications that are used to treat pimples. This substance carries out its anti-inflammatory functions by blocking a certain enzyme, which is responsible for inflammation. Take a couple of aspirin tablets and crush them, before adding a little water to them in a crucible. Mix the solution until you make a paste. Apply this paste to the inflamed regions of your face with a Q-tip, and rinse it off when completely dry. Although this home remedy isn’t instantaneous, it can significantly assist in getting rid of pimple redness.

3. Try toothpaste

toothpaste-1Using toothpaste is yet another effective technique of how to get rid of pimple redness in a convenient and relatively quick manner. Virtually all toothpaste products have silica as an ingredient, and it can help to dry out pimples. Cover the affected region of your face completely with a thin film of toothpaste, prior to heading to bed. Leave it on your face overnight and wash it off the following morning. Never make use of toothpaste varieties, which have menthol or fluoride as ingredients, as they can cause more redness.

4. Try lemon juice

Alternatively, you may also utilize lemon juice. Lemon juice has citric acid, which has been proven to effectively combat the pimple causing bacteria. At the same time, research has lime-juice1revealed that lemon juice does indeed possess potent skin lightening properties, which can assist in fighting pimple redness. This of course makes it an excellent means of how to get rid of pimple redness at home. Extract a bit of lemon juice from a lemon, and soak it in a wad of cotton wool. Next, apply this wad of cotton wool directly, but gently to the affected area of your face. Always avoid protracted exposure to sunlight after such an application as it will dry out your skin. Ideally, only apply lemon juice to your face at night, leave it there overnight and wash it off in the morning.


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