How To Beat Adult Acne
Get rid of Acne

How To Beat Adult Acne

Acne breakouts can be very frustrating, particularly when they occur in adults. Further, a treatment that may have worked in your teens may be ineffective, and even worsen the situation. This makes most affected individuals wonder if they are in fact plagued by acne or another serious skin condition. The sad truth is adult acne is real, and is noted to affect females much more than males. Let us now take a look at some of the common causes of this skin condition, and how to beat adult acne in a stress-free manner.

Causes of adult acne

To begin with, adult acne can be triggered by hormonal fluctuations, especially in women. The spike in hormone levels, which usually occurs during menstruation, PMS and even pregnancy have all been known to trigger this skin condition. In such circumstances, most ladies produce more male hormones like testosterone. This stimulates the oil glands found on their skin, and leads to clogged pores. Once the pores are clogged, propioni bacteria, which lives in the sebaceous gland, multiplies and causes inflammation and zit breakouts.

Alternatively, high glycemic index (GI) food such as white bread and sugar-laden food raise blood sugar and insulin levels. This spikes male hormone production, leading to adult acne breakouts. Stress has also been noted to cause this skin condition as it influences the release of the hormone cortisol that prompts the body to produce more pore clogging oil. The hair and skin care products you utilize can also trigger adult acne. It is therefore important for you to make sure that the various products you use are labeled in the following manner.

> Oil free
> Non- comedegenic
> Or will not clog pores


Adult acne treatment

Now that we have seen some of the notable causes of this skin condition, let us now look at how to beat adult acne in an efficient way.

1. sleep-wellFor starters, it is critical to do your best to avoid stress. Ensure that you get not less than eight hours of sleep on a daily basis. You can also begin to engage in regular stress relieving activities. This includes integrating a moderate workout regimen and even indulging in your favorite pastimes. This will minimize cortisol levels and allow your body to produce more endorphins; the “feel good” hormones. Exercising also relays oxygen to your skin cells, making it very difficult for the acne bacteria to thrive.

2. You should also pay closer attention to your eating habits. Avoid high GI foods, and eat only low GI foods such as whole grains and vegetables

3. Additionally, you may also try topical adult acne treatments. It is vital to note that similar rinse-your-face1ingredients are used to treat teen and adult acne outbreaks. The only difference is that adult skin is much thinner and more susceptible to irritation. This definitely means that it necessitates a gentle approach to treat adult acne. Start your treatment gradually by washing your face with a salicyclic acid cleanser to eliminate the oil and dirt that is clogging your pores. Before gently exfoliating your skin, and then using an ideal topical adult acne treatment product.

4. Finally, another method of how to deal with adult acne if all the above fails, is to see a dermatologist. Such a doctor will be able to prescribe medication like retinoid or antibiotics to kill bacteria and minimize inflammation.

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